My name is Stephany and I’m a photographer from Croatia.

I took my first photograph at the age of four with my family’s 35mm Pentax and by the age of fifteen I realised that ideas could be turned into reality through the lens of a camera. I learned how to use a 35mm camera and how to develop my own images in a darkroom through the Photoclub Rijeka which inspired me to pursue an Associates Degree in Photographic Imaging at the Art Institute of Atlanta.

This passion for light-catching has given me the chance to grow as a person not only by creating images myself but also by helping others in their creative process. I assisted for fashion photographer Michael David Adams (NY) at the 2013 Photodays in Rovinj, Croatia and fashion photographer Mare Milin (ZG). I became a member of the Creative Cluster Kombinat where I work on all kinds of projects and collaborate with other artists, Rijeka's Department of Culture, museums, and I also gave lectures about photography and retouching at the Academy of Applied Arts and the Photo club Rijeka.

Since I am passionate about expressing emotions and thoughts through various forms, photography is not the only medium I use. I write music and poetry, perform with my juggling group Red Rays, shoot and edit videos. I also adore getting lost in nature, which is a major inspiration and has a strong influence on my work.

Zelezna cesta
Stephany Stefan awards
Stephany Stefan
  • Atlanta Addy Awards – elements of advertising photography, GA, USA
    3rd place

  • „Železna cesta“, Slovenia
    1st place

  • Sedmi Hrvatski Međunarodni Salon Digitalne Fotografije - Osijek 2013, Croatia
    FIAP ribbon