Stephany Stefan Project is a multi-disciplinary art collective that connects various forms of expression into an authentic audiovisual composition. The collective composes eclectic music utilising elements from genres such as jazz, ethno, prog rock, pop and r’n’b.

Their concerts are unique audiovisual experiences that – inclining towards synesthesia – connect verses, music, and visual sensations. Their performances feature elements of circus art and dance, introducing fire as yet another expressive element.

The project’s main leitmotifs are natural cataclysms, the unity of people and “change” as the only constant shift in consciousness.

“… a very good review for the debut of a very creative young author who brings a needed freshness to our Croatian music scene.” (Dubravko Jagatić, music critic)

Artists: Gregor Bogdanović, Maja Bolić, Dorian Cuculić, Sandra Knego, Jan Mastrović, Vedran Mijić, Lovro Mirth, Oblik3 (Damjan Šporčić), Goran Plejić, Mara Prpić

Stephany Stephan music - Clouds
Stephany Stephan music - Iridescent